Court carriage in Tsarskoye Selo

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The exhibits of the permanent exhibition "The Court Carriage in Tsarskoye Selo" not only allow you to trace the history of the carriage business over two centuries, but also see the material embodiment of history. Unique crews in Imperial Russia have always been a matter of special pride and care. The museum contains almost all types and designs of carriages that existed in Russia and Europe from the 14th to the 20th century. The museum's collection includes carriages created by Russian and European craftsmen and used at the Russian imperial court, three sets of harnesses for coronation carriages and separate parade accessories. In keeping with the decorative style of the era, the carriages are lavishly decorated with carved and bronze sculptures, whimsical ornaments, allegorical pictorial panels, gold-embroidered fabrics, and even sparkling rhinestones. The exhibition space is divided into three halls. Here you can see the ceremonial carriages that participated in the coronation, phaetons, convertibles designed for entertainment and walks, the magnificent carriages of Catherine II, the carriages of the unique design of Alexander III, the sleigh of Paul I and the carriage-carriage made for his children.

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When visiting the museum, personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) are provided. Visitors without personal protective equipment are not admitted to the exposition of the museum complex.


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