• Отправление: Дворцовая наб., д. 38, причал "Водоход"
  • Telephone: +7(812)640-02-28
  • Working hours: Departure: "St. Petersburg-Peterhof" from 10:00 to 17:00, every hour. Departure "Peterhof - St. Petersburg" From 10:45 to 17:45, every hour.
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In Peter the Great’s ‘Hiking journal’ there is a writing dated in 1705: ‘On September 13th our schnau ’Moonker’ went to St. Petersburg; at 4 PM we docked in Peterhof; in the evening we arrived in St. Petersburg’. 300 years ago a voyage from Peterhof to the city seemed unbelievably long and tiring, but still it was the fastest way to come here. Surprisingly, nothing has changed so far. A boat trip still remains the fastest and the most comfortable way for most visitors. But today it takes only 35 minutes on board a river boat ‘Meteor’.

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Attention! The price of a transfer on a meteor does not include a ticket to the park of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve.


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